"The Ekkos Clan" got released in July 2013 by Niyogi Books  and now has become one of the best selling new release. Grab your copy now!

"The Ekkos Clan" is the fascinating account of Kubha and the basketful of folklore she inherited. Her grandson Kratu, his best friend Tista and Afsar, a linguistic palaeontologist, discover that Kubha’s stories are more than mere bedtime tales. In a bizarre incident Kratu miraculously survives an attempt on his life. His sister and uncle were not so lucky. Were these murders acts of revenge, or a larger ideological conflict connected to Kubha’s stories which conceal perilous secrets that should be suppressed? Afsar, Kratu and Tista travel across continents to unravel the mystery of Kubha’s roots and the origin of her stories.

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