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Safety & Quality

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OPMEC Planning & Execution – from bid stage to project award to project closure.

We strive to exceed all client quality assurance expectations by employing experienced staff that adhere to formal quality guidelines, by undertaking continuous quality reviews, and by implementing practices that encourage continuous improvement.

As one of the world’s top engineering and construction companies, OPMEC aims to achieve the highest standard of safety & quality execution performance in all its projects, services and work activities. Effective management of safety & quality, one part of our commitment to continuous improvement, is essential and integral to the firm’s overall business performance and to the success of all OPMEC projects.

OPMEC has introduced the SafeStart program, which outlines a visible minimum standard in quality efforts that is diligently communicated and enforced at every level of our organization. The program empowers our employees to engage and involve themselves in every aspect of health and safety across all areas, activities and disciplines. Each level of management demonstrates safety leadership, providing a safe work environment and promoting safety as a value.


Creating New Milestones in HSE

Health Safety and Environment (HSE) plays a primary role in all of OPMEC's services from a conceptual design phase through to operating a client’s asset.

Whether it is assisting clients in attaining environmental approvals, reducing emissions in operating assets, or designing high integrity safety shutdown systems, OPMEC continuously endeavours to maintain the highest levels of HSE compliance and practices.

At the end of the day, our number one priority is ensuring our staff, our clients and our community remain safe from harm.