Kumaresh fondly called the fiddling monk, is an icon of Carnatic Music, Child Prodigy, Violin Virtuoso, Divine Composer, Lyricist, Music Director, who has been captivating people through his music for the last 4 decades with his extraordinary mastery over the Art, he has been continuously discovering new ways of taking this ancient art form to a global audience. While he doesn't compromise the sanctity, he is constantly exploring new shades in the broad spectrum ensuring that each time his music is a remembered experience.

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Though this is a very unique experience, to be in that state constantly is very momentary.. it is on and off like the Bangalore electricity supply . But as long as am in the connection the feeling is beyond !!!! This sample is enough to want more and more and I am slowly able to scratch the outer most layer of the meaning of the compositions of all the great poets and composers celebrating Nada as the nearest form of existence to divinity .

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Kumaresh has been much honored and widely traveled musician. He has made inspirational and exhilarating forays into world music sometimes teaming up with his brother Ganesh with such luminaries as Dr. Balamurali Krishna, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Vikku Vinayakaram, Late Valangaiman Shanmugasundaram, A R Rehman, John Mclaughin, Illayaraja, Rajan Mishra, Sajan Mishra, Umalayapuram Sivaraman, Palghat Raghu, T K Murthy, Steve Thornton, Trilok Gurtu and the list is truly long.

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